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Eurocentric ideas of beauty*


Eurocentric ideas of beauty*

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When you ship Dixonne and Richonne….. 

You want to clone Michonne so she can be with the two of them

Or have all of them enter into a threesome



Daryl and Michonne….. yes please :)

(The Walking Dead)

Halloween 1

Halloween, the most fun a single girl can have in this city. The first one since coming to the city and you dress up like an adorable Minnie Mouse so the red dress will be sure to bring attention. You wait for your friend to finish work so you can hit the town and for the most part things are tame. Until you run into two drunk girls, the younger of course being the wilder and obnoxious one and the older worrying about her younger friend and how she is going to get home. You decide to drink with them and the smaller one goes so far you need to take away her drink. She lunges trying to snatch it from you so you decide to drink the rest of it so she will not. It is about a ¼ of a can of 4loko and you thought this would not affect you too much, but boy, were you wrong. You mosey back over to where you all had started and when you look up you see the younger one harassing men on the street. Two rather good-looking men at that so you apologize and tell them she is drunk. They explain they were looking for directions on how to get back to their hotel but it is so far away and your brain starts to turn fuzzy that you tell them to just get a cab. The smaller girl starts to notice their accents and points out they are from France and starts saying “omelette du fromage” over and over again like an imbecile. She then asks for a hug for some reason and your drunken mind is a little envious so you ask for one too. One of them comes over you cannot quite remember what he looked like besides devilishly handsome and bundled up from the cold. You receive your hug then his hand on your back to stop you from moving away. You feel him start to nuzzle your cheek and blow warm breath onto your ear. Then as you turn towards him he kisses a trail to your lips and starts kissing you.  You start kissing to hear the triumphant sound of your peers and see in the corner of your eye the younger girl start to make out with his friend. You male friend who accompanied you awkward starts talking to some costumed strangers on the street and the other female is left on her own.  But you do not notice too much as the Frenchmen starts to nuzzle and whisper in your ear in French and you think to finally ask his name. He speaks it in French and of course you do not understand so you both go back to kissing. He kisses you as you have never been kissed before, it is warm, it is molten, it is everything a romance novel had ever described to you about a glorious and sensual kiss would be like. He is an expert with his tongue and his warm hands caress your sides as he kisses you. He asks you to go back to his place and you decline but he tries to be very persuasive. Then some wanna be thugs show up and start hitting on the girl who is alone so your friend comes to her rescue. They start trying to talk to you as well so the Frenchmen backs off but you return to his side anyway.  You eventually escape away using the excuse that you need to go to the bathroom and you see the group reappear with the older girl now attached to your Frenchmen’s arm and the younger one still attached to the other guys face. You were not worried or offended you had your fun and you know you were the first choice but you had declined. The two ladies now both have a place to stay that night and you get to go home safe with quite the story to tell. s

He texts you, and calls, and you worry about how old he is after all. You tell yourself is he is over 24 you will cut things off, but none the less you are excited. You end up at McDonald’s byRadioCityMusic hall, which you would soon find out, is his favorite restaurant. You order for him and yourself since his English is not that great. And go upstairs to be away from the crowd. And then you sit, and you see him, once again you are amazed by his beauty, his perpetual tan, eyes that sparkled, and honey wheat hair that paired all together seemed like something out of a Greek myth. He smiles and you are hooked, and suddenly, nothing matters; his age does not matter, his inability to hold a long complex conversation in English does not matter, the fact that he lived about 45 minutes away does not matter, the fact that you can only see each other at night because of his job does not matter, none of that mattered, at first. He took you on wonderful dates and introduced you into feeling like a real feminine girl worthy to be pursued, he paid, gave you his jacket, held you hand without you asking (something you had never had happen) and tried to shower you with sweets. He told you about his family back inEastern Europeand you learned about his sister who also lived in NY and his pet rabbit. You remember all those times he held you softly, just stroking your hand and intertwining with his, or how nervous he was to kiss you and you felt him tremble during your first kiss. And nothing mattered, but time went on, and suddenly, things did matter. He took things slow, but even too slow for you, two months passed and as time went on, the more your differences mattered. The age difference was too much to tell your family, and even if he met them he would not understand their humor or sarcastic ways, you could not hold very deep of conversations with him something you longed for in a partner, for you were limited by his basic English vocabulary. But what really mattered to you was that you could not be even slightly intimate with him, because even after 2 months he refused to do more than kiss you, and it left you frustrated. So as sweet and as beautiful as he was, you felt your interest start to wane. You started to long for passion and the boy with green eyes and brown hair started to pop into your mind more often. You were going home for the summer and would see him, so you knew you had to be honest. You broke things off with that sweet man, and he took it more graciously than you deserved, you felt guilty, but you knew there was someone else out there, who would fit him even better than you could. So you said goodbye to his love songs, played for you and sang to you, and you said to goodbye to holding anyone’s hand for a long time. But you don’t regret anything, and you hope at the very least, he feels that way as well. 

You remember seeing him on the train. You remember that night with perfect clarity. It was at the end of spring break and your friend invited you to hang out with him after his shift ended at work inTimes Square, and on a whim, you decided to join him. And on that train, and in that car, that you suddenly decided to switch too out of pure instinct, you sat across from him. At first you took him in slowly, like sipping on a fine wine your eyes grazed slowly across his figure. The first thing you noticed was his hair, fine and honey wheat colored, that led down to a pair of soft yet enticing blue green eyes. And to your immediate surprise, they were looking right back! At first you couldn’t believe it, you looked away but you could feel his eyes slowly appreciating you as well you noticed him watch you re-cross your legs and took in his appreciation of your fishnet stocking you decided to wear, and slowly you looked back. He smiled, or smirked? Either way it had you dumbfounded, here was this handsome foreigner, good looking enough to be a model, checking you out on the subway. There were other pretty girls on the train of course, but he never stopped looking at you. You blushed and turned away, before of course you couldn’t help but peak back. This went on for quite a while; until slowly he mouthed “You’re beautiful” you could barely contain your glee as you mouthed a thank you back when suddenly the older gentleman next to you exited the train. He smoothly slid in next to you and asked you your name. You don’t remember much of the conversation, just his accent and that same sense of wonder with a hint of lust. You both stand up and surprisingly you’re getting off at the same stop and even more surprising was his impressive height. Next to him you were short and at 5’10 that was no easy feat, his long legged served him well and he stood at a nice 6’4 next to you. Fate seems to have something in store for you as he asks for your number and exchange a hug, a goodnight, and a promise of something more. 

There was something harsh and snarky about him, something that pulled you in. His wit and charm left you defenseless, and you found yourself lured into his bed. He flippant nature made your heart ache, you longed for any chance or any way to get close to him. In that closed room with the 4 of you, you lost and gained many things. It was not that you felt shame, after all you didn’t sleep with him. But somehow you still felt used. You see him again at a party and he acts awkward and does not want to give you the time of day. You see him flirt with someone else, and it hurts, it hurts. You lie in bed for a week trying to fight off heart break, but in his kiss you had felt something, a spark that was bound to be smothered by his need to try and taste all things. The candle you held for him was swiftly and ruthlessly blown out by his whorish ways and uncaring attitude. As you tried to pick up the pieces, someone came along and helped. 

Standing here

Hand in hand

All I hear

Is not the sound of the band

My heart beat thumps

As I hold on tightly

Trying to carve this moment

Into my memory

I look away

As I turn to blush

As I see other people

Look with jealous disgust

But I can’t seem to care

As we sway here

Because all I want to do

Is stay here With you

The start of something new

The start of college.  Something you had been waiting for since the time you saw your eldest brother walk across the stage for his Bachelor’s degree back when you were in 3rd grade, from then on everything else was just a matter of getting through it until you could finally be in the place of your choice. You had always thought you would go to the same college as him, or maybe go to Florida from all of the shows you saw on Nickelodeon making it look like the best place on earth. Your friend changed your fate in 7th grade when she broadened your horizons to New York, and you’re sure now she changed them for the better. And once you had a real taste, you couldn’t go back. So you finally get here, fresh and new, clinging to other freshman, trying to form bonds, and trying to get a boyfriend, finally. But every trick and trade ends up falling through, fate decides to get your hopes up constantly and bring them crashing down. The first boy to get your hopes up in such a way lived right down your hall, how convenient, he had spoken and looked at you in such away before but you thought nothing of it. But one night after sitting downstairs as your flirting had been unsuccessful since the object of your desire decided he preferred your friend over you, you dejectedly made your way back up stairs. As you passed you saw him struggling with his garbage and bent to pick up some that had fallen out of his bin. He thanked you, asked you to wait, and then invited you in to watch a movie with him as thanks. You do, you have fun finding out things you did not know you liked, and it is there that you discover your weakness for hickies and all things in the neck region area. You continued this for a few weeks but after learning more about him and confronting him, find out he was not interested in having a serious relationship of any sort, so at this point you kindly tell him to fuck off, and move on. After all, college is only beginning.